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Terms and conditions

Feb. 17th, 2012 | 10:59 pm

Please leave a comment if interested :)


failure to abide these rules will result in you getting blacklisted.

1. if you even dare to ask for trades/nego/meetups/more pics, you'll be blacklisted right away.
2. comments w/o stating enquires will be taken as a confirmed interest.
3. buyers who do not reply our mails within 48 hours will be blacklisted as deadbuyers.

Additional $3.74 will be charged if you wish to opt for registered mails as a safer option.
We will not be responsible for any lost mails.

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Dec. 6th, 2011 | 02:23 pm

failure to abide by the terms and conditions will result in you getting blacklisted.

1. http://snuggle85.livejournal.com

2. http://insaintjoy.livejournal.com

3. http://uberclueber.livejournal.com

4. http://crystalcjn.livejournal.com

5. http://fusionbodies.blogspot.com

6. http://www.facebook.com/beixin

7. http://cookiesmakemoo.livejournal.com (cheesywedgy@gmail.com)
negotiated with me so I gave her a discounted price with meetups. on the day itself we were supposed to meet at cityhall at 5.30pm at first i told her i might not be able to make it, later on i confirmed with her that i would be able to meetup with her at the original timing. she said okay but she will only be able to reach around 6pm and so i waited for her. then she said she'll be late as she's still at bugis so i went on waiting till about 6.30pm she said she's sorry she can't meet up with me as her mother is ill -.- okay fine, i was quite pissed but never mind, I asked her to transfer the money for the item first then we will meet again on another day and she said she will do it the next day. A few days passed, I texted her and asked if she had made payment she replied saying she's sorry she don't think she can meet up with me already because she is busy so she won't be making the transfer. I was really quite angry at that point so i asked her to opt for postage instead, then, SHE WENT MIA. this girl was also blacklisted by http://firstfullsteps.livejournal.com for negotiating ridiculously and went mia afterwards. Sellers, please beware.

8. http://shopwluvs.blogspot.com

9. http://fashion-fuel.blogspot.com / fashionfuelbs@gmail.com

10. http://badromanzee.livejournal.com
unreasonable haggling of prices when it's alr stated non nego in our t&cs. asked for a $10 discount -.-

11. http://xiuqi-baby.livejournal.com / hong_xiuqi@hotmail.com

12. fabuliciousx.livejournal.com

13. cosmetics-instocks@hotmail.com

14. apfelsaftloves@gmail.com

15. raynetan-@hotmail.com
when she asked for extra pics and measurements i provided her with them although it's clearly stated in our T&Cs no extra pics and measurements. she negotiated for a lower price and i gave her $2 off with meetups. then we were discussing the meetup but after a while she said she felt that even aft i gave her $2 off, the top is not worth that much money and decided not to get it. does this mean that she does not have the intention to get it in the first place? if she already felt that the original price is too expensive then she should not even have bothered to ask for more pics and measurements. Buyers, please only ask for pics and measurements when you are really keen in an item and is willing to get it at the price stated thanks.

16. Qiqi_chen1995@hotmail.com
wanted real life pic and measurements for modparade shorts. after providing her with measurements she asked if the price is nego, i said it's non nego and she replied that she'll pass if so. fucking waste my time. Don't even bother asking for measurements/pics if you're not willing to pay the price stated here cause you'll be down here on blacklist imm. For goodness sake, the terms and conditions are there for you to read!

17. http://joycelynnee.livejournal.com / wardrobe-stocks@hotmail.com

18. http://huilin29.livejournal.com

19. gracekoh-@hotmail.com

20. rainbowdramas@hotmail.co.uk

21. starstruck-ed@hotmail.com

22. vanessa_yeo@hotmail.com

23. http://enilectopia.livejournal.com / awesomeceline@gmail.com

24. http://shoppingmess.blogspot.com

25. siaoxinxin085@hotmail.com

26. angel_bel514@hotmail.com

27. shoppingathere@hotmail.com

28. http://fallchamps.livejournal.com / evaflykites@hotmail.com

29. http://myicemountain.livejournal.com

30. http://giraffebutter.livejournal.com / acidbleach@gmail.com

31. bohemian.rhapsody17@gmail.com / tayruiwen@live.com

32. http://fabriconskin.livejournal.com

33. http://catzriots.livejournal.com / shopthehabitat.blogspot.com

34. http://theladycloset.livejournal.com / theladycloset@gmail.com

35. mahgonesoul@hotmail.com

36. http://mitchstarlight.livejournal.com / subwaymelt@hotmail.com

37. http://apfelsaftloves.livejournal.com / apfelsaftloves@gmail.com

38. kimberlyannelim@gmail.com

39. yourfancies@hotmail.com

40. ann.abellesuxx@gmail.com

41. alts.yii@gmail.com

42. http://hearts-fashion.livejournal.com / http://fashionableclothes.blogspot.com

43. http://xiiaoger.livejournal.com / xiiaoger@gmail.com

44. http://isn0wy.livejournal.com / mixedtog@gmail.com

45. nicolesimh@hotmail.com

46. http://shopthriftloots.blogspot.com / http://lovegreens.livejournal.com

47. http://bunnyjar.livejournal.com / bunny.jar@gmail.com

48. http://loosening.livejournal.com / chinkybelly@gmail.com

49. http://pinkdreamer6.livejournal.com / pinkdreamer6@gmail.com

50. flyingsaucerx@hotmail.com

51. http://twistanddrive.livejournal.com / hercarclub@gmail.com

52. http://tummyegg.blogspot.com / tummyegg@hotmail.com

53. http://eatarmpithair.livejournal.com / eunicetay-@hotmail.com

54. http://myicemountain.livejournal.com

55. http://jumpingbeanzz.livejournal.com / crayonsandchalk@gmail.com

56. http://shoo90.livejournal.com

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Looking for!

Jan. 26th, 2011 | 02:56 am


willing to pay!
email me w real pics and conditions of the items if you're selling any!

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Feb. 16th, 2010 | 11:13 pm

8+/0-Collapse )

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